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From the Desk of:
David Martin, Executive Vice President
Media Research Center

May 18, 2011

As our Business and Media Institute (BMI) continues their digging into the Soros Empire and George Soros’ comprehensive scheme to move this country hard to the left, we’ve been shocked by just how large and just how far-along his plan is.

Help us to expose George Soros

We’re especially alarmed when considering that he has said he intends to “take the United States down a notch!”

We at the Media Research Center realize the power of the media — like their ability to catapult an inexperienced “community organizer” into the White House and get a socialized medicine program pushed through over the loud objections of the American people.  George Soros is keenly aware of this power, and he knows he must silence news sources that aren’t willing to be part of the leftist “echo chamber” that he’s created.

+ + + Soros has Fox News in his crosshairs

In the last six months alone, 30 Soros funded organizations have launched an all out attack on Fox News.  With the ultimate goal being, “Taking Down Fox News” as described in their own words by the Soros-funded Mother Jones.

BMI’s latest report provides a laundry list of Soros-funded groups viciously attacking Fox for daring to present the news free of a left-wing tilt.  This campaign against Fox ranges from:

  • Boycotting advertisers
  • False charges of racism
  • Blaming Glenn Beck for inciting violence
  • Forcing small businesses to not allow Fox in the shops or workplaces
  • Repeatedly claiming that Fox News lies and their viewers are stupid

Make no mistake, Soros knows if he can eliminate Fox News, he’ll likely clear the last hurdle needed to execute his plan of reshaping America. But it doesn’t end with just Fox. With more people getting their news online and from Fox the liberal monopoly on the news media is slowly breaking down.

Sara, as we’ve seen time and again, when liberals don’t like speech – they try to silence it.  Silencing Fox is George Soros’ goal. He’s already spending millions of dollars to do it, and he’s willing to spend millions more.

+ + + With all we’ve uncovered, we now know that the threat is bigger than we could have guessed

Every day, our investigators and analysts at BMI are learning more and more about just how far George Soros has gone and is willing to go to take down the US.  But we need your help!

Our Soros project has already exposed Soros’ plans to remake the US economy, his creation of a left wing media “echo chamber,” his reach into journalism schools and traditional media organizations, and just how big his plan to bring down Fox really is.

For the last month, our research and stories have appeared across TV, radio, the Internet and print media.  We have been getting the word out.  If you’ve seen a story this Spring on George Soros, it was most likely based on BMI’s stunning revelations.

The fact that the liberal media have allowed Soros to quietly amass so much power is no surprise!  They share Soros’ left wing agenda, and in one form or another, his tentacles touch almost every liberal media outlet in the nation.

With every answer we’ve uncovered, more questions have been raised.  We need to expand the scope of our investigation.  We need to send reporters into the field, interview his former employees, comb through tax forms and other documents all over the world.

If we don’t do this, no one will.  And Soros will continue to undermine our nation by deepening his control of the media and eventually silencing every voice trying to report the truth.

That’s why we are depending on the generosity and support of friends like you — Action Team members who understand the scope of the Soros threat and are eager to help!

George Soros is aggressively pouring millions into left-wing efforts to transform our nation … We don’t need billions or millions, we just need friends like yourself, who believe in the greatness of our nation stepping forward with $100, $50, $30 or whatever you feel compelled to give to help the MRC successfully expose Soros in the days and weeks ahead.

Please take action right now by clicking here.

Thank you in advance for making a stand with the MRC!

DavidDavid Martin


I’ve published a few items about Israel already (and will be editing them so they are pulled by the new Israel category I’ve added), and you will continue to see much much more.  Glenn Beck had a show on Thursday last week where the guests were survivors of the last time someone wanted to wipe Israel off the map…..and it had history I’ve never heard before – including how America turned a blind eye.


Our own U.S. President now favors proven radicals over our trusted ally. Israel!

In one speech, Mr. Obama not only betrayed Israel, but possibly even more importantly, agreed to give $2 Billion in aid to radicals—the Muslim Brotherhood. “How can that be?” you ask. That is what everyone is asking.

In the very exact same speech, here is what our “fearless leader” has accomplished—-the results of this speech will affect you and me for many years to come:

  1. The United States is giving $2,000,000,000 in aid (YOUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS!) to Egypt. That sounds good because the liberal media has portrayed the NEW Egypt as “Freedom Fighters.” But true insiders know that soon the radical Islam element—the Muslim Brotherhood—will be in control of Egypt.
  2. In order to accomplish a full negotiated peace between Israel and Palestine, the borders of Israel must go back to the pre-1967 “Six Day War” borders.

Within 15 minutes, Mr. Obama basically said we will support these pro-Shariah Law, world-takeover radicals (the Muslim Brotherhood) and we will “throw under the bus” one of our most trusted allies, Israel.

Within hours, Eric Cantor and Steny Hoyer introduced H.R. 268 which calls on the administration to lead opposition to unilateral Palestinian statehood efforts and threaten a major change in U.S. relations with the Palestinian Authority if it includes an unreformed Hama, including a suspension of aid. In short: WE SUPPORT ISRAEL!

While Barack Obama stared at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he renounced that pre-1967 border suggestion when he affirmed: “Israel believes that in order for peace to prevail, the establishment of a Palestinian state cannot come at the expense of the State of Israel’s existence. The Palestinians, and not only the United States, must recognize Israel as the Jewish people’s nation-state.”

Basically, the Israeli Prime Minister REFUSED TO “ETHNICALLY CLEANSE” 400,000 Jews from their homes and move them into a nation that would be less than nine miles wide, under Obama’s terms. That’s how many people live in the areas that Obama suggested as cutting back to in Israel.   See the Meeting Footagehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l28xJitnP78

A lighter moment during a confrontational meeting.

We must remember that a lot has happened (and now almost 400,000 now live there!) in those lands in the last 44 years since 1967! NO U.S. President has ever explicitly endorsed the 1967 lines as the basis for negotiating a final border.

U.S. President Barack Obama’s Palestinian Authority-Israel peace plan is a “formula for war,” writes Bret Stephens, foreign affairs editor and deputy editorial page editor of The Wall Street Journal. In an op-ed article for the Journal, Stephens charged that the president’s approach to Israel and his relationship to American Jews have showed that he “has mastered the concept of chutzpah.” Stephens wrote: “What Mr. Obama offered is a formula for war, one that he will pursue in a second term. Assuming, of course, that he gets one.”

And since he is consumed by his re-election, Mr. Obama is not “back-pedaling” like no one’s business. He needs the Jewish vote to win. But the damage has already been done.

Even Mr. Obama’s “main lieutenant” disagrees with his boss. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), speaking to the American Israel Public Affairs committee (AIPAC), the powerful pro-Israel lobby, got a standing ovation when he blasted Obama, saying: “No one should set premature parameters about borders, about building or about anything else.”

It is imperative that you fax your Representative and your Senator to urge them to Co-Sponsor the PRO-ISRAEL resolutions (H.R. 268 and S.185). H.R. 268 was introduced by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) and House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD). The Senate resolution was introduced by Senators Ben Cardin (D-MD), Susan Collins (R-ME), Robert Casey (D-PA), John Thune (R-SD), Robert Menendez (D-NJ), and Jim Risch (R-ID).

H.R. 268 reaffirms the United States commitment to a negotiated settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, for starters. It also calls for the Arab world to recognize the right of Israel to exist as a nation!

We must elect pro-Israel candidates in the next election! The President needs to worry less about the borders of Israel and worry about securing the borders of the United States! Mr. Obama also needs to direct his attention to the needs of United States’ citizens. Instead of using YOUR tax dollars to “spur business investment” in Tunisia or Egypt, let’s use our money to create jobs in America!

The Obama administration is the most blatantly anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and pro-Islamic president that this nation has ever experienced. The last three weeks have showed that. Will YOU stand with Israel today?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is calling on Palestinians to be “genuinely committed” to peace and democracy, beginning with the public acceptance of the Jewish state. Netanyahu told our U.S. Congress this past Tuesday: “So far, the Palestinians have been unwilling to accept a Palestinian state if it meant accepting a Jewish state alongside it. This is what this conflict is all about.”

He continued: “It’s time for President Abbas to stand before his people and to say ‘I will accept a Jewish state.’ Those six words will change history. Those six words will convince Israel that they have a true partner for peace.”

However, Mr. Obama’s painful words could be construed as calling for the literal “destruction” of Israel. If the pre-1967 borders were used, Tel Aviv’s airport would be in the range of a simple mortar attack. But the borders must remain “defensible,” Netanyahu asserted.

But this is not the first time that Mr. Obama has snubbed Prime Minister Netanyahu. Once, he left a high-level meeting with Netanyahu to go have dinner with his family; and made the Prime Minister and his entourage wait. Another time, he made Netanyahu enter from a side door.

I really trust that Mr. Obama’s unbelievable attitude towards Israel will SERIOUSLY COST HIM THE 2012 ELECTION! Then, the new president will need to work hard to repair the breach and the damage that has been done in the past three weeks!

I am also very much against the spending of my tax dollars to help a radical Islamist government that will soon be in power in Egypt.

Will you fax every Congressman today to make sure that they co-sponsor this pro-Israeli bill – in spite of what our President has already said?

Will you help us to tell the Jewish people of our warm, ongoing friendship with them?

Please FAX your Congressman today.


Tony Adkins
Conservative Action Alerts

P. S. As our president maintained a glaring stare and sneer on his face, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave Obama a quick “history lesson” about Israeli independence; and how and why the pre-1967 borders would not work for the safety of all of Israel. Please tell Israel how much the American people support that great ally!

Eric Cantor told the following story in his speech:

The following story illustrates Israel’s dilemma.

A Palestinian woman from Gaza arrives at Soroka Hospital in Beersheba
for lifesaving skin treatment for burns over half her body. After the
conclusion of her extensive treatment, the woman is invited back for
follow-up visits to the outpatient clinic. One day she is caught at
the border crossing wearing a suicide belt. Her intention? To blow
herself up at the same clinic that saved her life.

What kind of culture leads one to do that?

a note by Arieh Eldad, the Israeli Dr. and Politician.

Subject: FW: Understand what the conflict really is about

From: Dr. Arieh Eldad:

I was instrumental in establishing the Israeli National Skin Bank,  which
is the largest in the world. The National Skin Bank stores skin for every
day needs as well as for war time or mass casualty situations.

This skin bank is hosted at the Hadassah Ein Kerem University hospital  in
Jerusalem where I was the Chairman of plastic surgery. This is how I was
asked to supply skin for an Arab woman from Gaza , who was hospitalized  in
Soroka Hospital in Beersheva, after her family burned her. Usually, such
atrocities happen among Arab families when the women are suspected of
having an affair.

We supplied all theneeded Homografts for her treatment. She was
successfully treated by my friend and colleague, Prof. Lior Rosenberg  and
discharged to return to Gaza . She was invited for regular follow-up  visits
to the outpatient clinic in Beersheva.

One day she was caught at a border crossing wearing a suicide belt.
She meant to explode herself in the outpatient clinic of the hospital
where they saved her life.   It seems that her family promised her that if she did that, they would
forgive her.

This is only one example of the war between Jews and Muslims in the
Land of Israel .  It is not a territorial conflict. This is a civilizational
conflict, or rather a war between civilization & barbarism.

Bibi (Netanyahu) gets it, Obama does not.

I have never written before asking to please forward onwards, so that
as many as possible can understand radical Islam and what awaits the
world if it is not stopped.

Dr Arieh Eldad

Here’s the incredible video (courtesy Rabbi Effie Buchwald)    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okU0ZaSO6L8

Here is one we all need to act on………

The House of Representatives has already passed H.R. 1540 – The Forever War Act – and it is on the way to the Senate.  I URGE you to take a look at the link below and contact your US Senators……..

The law authorizes the United States to use military force anywhere it says there are terrorists, including within the borders of our own country. It represents the largest hand-over of unchecked war authority from Congress to the executive branch in modern American history.


And listen to all the things Ron Paul notates……these aren’t in this bill – THEY ARE ALREADY IN PLACE OR GOING ON……The President has let the 60 day requirement of going to Congress for support of actions already taken (LIBYA) come and go and not a word is being said……the Constitution might as well be used for fire starter…..

Something for everyone to be aware of……

New Crime Technique – Make Everyone Aware

We all need to read and understand as much as possible about what changes are being proposed, and what they will mean……below is a start


How Much More Does Amnesty Cost

The argument that making millions of illegal immigrants ‘citizens’ solves the problem is not valid when all the considerations are addressed, but we don’t ever get far enough in any debate to have real discussion about the facts and to take a look at what it will mean down the road…..I’m not against allowing legal immigration, but there are costs associated with everything, the need to recognize what we’re doing before it is done, and if illegals are just given amnesty what kind of ‘citizens’ are we gaining?