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This is an eye opener for multiple reasons…..and if you have heard of the new movie “Atlas Shrugged”, based on the book by Ayn Rand, this will give you an overview of what it covers if you read down through the article.

The hypocrisy of our government leaders, and their attempt to socially engineer everything, is pretty astounding.  And your tax dollars not only bailed out GM, but are being used to continually subsidize it…..Give the below article a look to understand the depth of the hypocrisy……and we’re being told how bad all the big companies are while our govt. leaders are helping some to accomplish the larceny.



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I believe I’ve shared this before but it needs to be available for all to see and to be shared.  PUSH YOUR LEGISLATORS.  Tell them to rein in the EPA and allow our expansive reserves to be drilled.  We are saying the same things that were being said in the 70s…..when they didn’t do anything either.

The MEDIA did NOT tell us about this speech in Congress!


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All,  Before you overlook this – read about what happens if the US Dollar is no longer the world currency (and what other nations are saying about the Federal Reserve devaluing our dollar – and their country’s  investments in the dollar – by printing more and more money) – there are links at the bottom to get to the articles.  THIS SHOULD SERVE TO SCARE YOU ENOUGH TO GET YOUR ATTENTION – AND FOR YOU TO USE TO GET OTHERS ATTENTION, if not, forget everything after “America was once a great country…..”  IF YOU’VE NEVER SPENT THE TIME TO READ MY MATERIAL BEFORE I BEG YOU TO SPEND THE TIME READING AND RESEARCHING THIS ONE – even if you have to do it in doses over a week’s time.

The following video link is a good example of the differences from Bush to Obama…..you have to ask yourself why……why were the leaders and the media willing to wail and bash so long and hard about gas then and not now – when it is now so much higher?  The nudge is becoming a push in my opinion…..buy a green car, built by a motor company that your tax dollars have kept in business (all except Ford).  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKdScVerrBU

But there is more to high prices than the rhetoric we’ve been fed – like a President has a backroom deal because he loves the big oil companies……etc, etc, etc.

Oil (and therefore Food) prices are going up because the US dollar is losing value.  The oil is traded in US dollars (we are still just barely holding on to the US dollar as the world currency).  If $’s are worth less doesn’t it stand to reason that the owners of the oil understand that to make a profit they have to raise their prices?

The Federal Reserve is devaluing the dollar by printing more and more of them and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) just said that the dollar will no longer be the world currency by 2016…..and I think that is optimistic.  Read it for yourself at:  http://www.marketwatch.com/story/imf-bombshell-age-of-america-about-to-end-2011-04-25?link=MW_home_latest_news

Another question to ask yourself – Why would an administration stop oil drilling here and drive away thousands of jobs and billions in tax revenues, yet spend our money to help Brazil drill oil, and allow it’s Environmental Protection Agency to continue to pass rules that makes it harder if not impossible for us to drill our own oil – which causes gas (and food) prices to climb higher?  Does this seem logical or in the best interest of the country?

When China surpasses the US as the largest economy – which is only a few years away from current economist predictions, what happens?  What happens when the US dollar is no longer the world currency?  THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS YOU SHOULD BE ASKING, AND ASKING YOUR FRIENDS AND RELATIVES………And BTW – George Soros seems to be helping with the predictions and the move away from the US Dollar – surprised?  He’s crushed several other countries currencies so this is not new…..

Read about what it might be like to lose the dollar as the world currency……and decide – is this enough to motivate you, and others you can reach, to do something about the hole this country is digging itself?  If this doesn’t motive those who haven’t gotten in the game I don’t believe anything will….but for those that it does…. PREPARE!!!!!  Store some food, and do everything else you can to plan for the loss of value in the greenbacks you hold…..prepare to take care of yourself, your family and to help friends and others who will not be able to withstand this…..





You can do your own research on what happens if the dollar is no longer the world currency….At the following links you’ll find articles I’ve sent before about what hyperinflation could look like, and for those who think Glenn Beck is full of hot air – look at what he was saying in 2009 about us losing the US dollar as the world currency……

What Hyperinflation In America Could Look Like

Unpegging from Dollar

If I can’t convince you of anything else please at least take all of this to mean YOU SHOULD PREPARE for the worst and hope for the best…….May we never see any of these predictions come true….but if they do, would you rather have done some preparation or be one of the millions who panic, lose everything, and have nothing to fall back on?

God Bless America and all those who want the freedoms and the inherent responsibilities that come with the Freedom She was founded on.

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